Ancient time

From the ancient time horses played a big role for people in Kyrgyzstan. In 3rd century people were even buried with their horses. Children were given the name of horses, because it was believed that evil spirits were afraid of horses. Horses were real friends for nomads. It's not a secret that horses are very clever and in past time, if a person lost his way he could let horse go and the horse would find the right way home. Even today horses take an important part in different Kyrgyz rituals and festivals. There are many horse games in Kyrgyzstan. The most widespread games are: One of the most famous games is Ulak Tartish. The origin of this game developed in antiquity when herds of cattle grazed in the steppes and mountains all year round, exposed to possible attacks by wolves or other big-sized predators. Nomads did not have firearms and that is why shepherds could not deal with wolves. In this way they were beating a wolf with sticks until somebody managed to catch it and to through up. The wolf would break his bones and would not be able to move anymore. 

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