Kyrgyz games

Besides the above-mentioned, there are also games where a rider shows his skills by picking up a coin from the ground or shooting at a target while galloping, as well as many others interesting tasks. From ancient times, Kyrgyz people esteemed their traditions and celebrated feasts, attaching a special significance to each of them. Here, there are one of the most honored holidays in Kyrgyzstan: Nooruz, Kurman-Ait and Orozo-Ait. Nooruz  is celebrated on the 21 of march. From Persian, it can be translated as the day of New Year, where: noo - new; ruz - day. Usually, it was the day of vernal equinox, when this feast was celebrated. All the ceremonies were conducted long before the New Year holiday by the ancestors. In the last day before the New Year comes and the day after, Kyrgyz people fumigate their dwellings and themselves with the smoke. Doing this, they thought, that Nooruz will bring luck, happiness and well-being to them. All the family members prepared new clothes for the celebration, and mostly preferred colors were: red, white and blue.

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