Kyrgyz knife

A sharp knife is then used to cut out the outline. It blunts very quickly, so needs sharpening. The result is four pieces of felt - two backgrounds and two inner patterns - in different colors. The two background pieces, which are still connected by the thread originally used to join the two squares, are separated. 
The inner part of one color is then sewn into the background piece of contrasting color to form a square panel. When the second panel is completed the two are sewn together to give a mirror image of contrasting colors. Larger carpets can be made by joining together several panels. The panels of the carpet are then surrounded by a border. Common are black and white triangles representing the mountains. Shyrdaks can be used for 30-40 years or even more. Among all Kyrgyz carpets kurak seems to be a special one. While all others are made of felt, kurak is sewn of many different patches of material. This kind of patchwork is a very ancient art that appeared not only from the habit to economize and save, but the appreciation of what you have. For making kurak were used not only the patches that were left after cutting material for a new thing. Some old dresses that were too bad to be worn were cut into pieces to produce a new thing. Young maiden were practicing in making kuraks for their dowry since it was a thing that showed their handicraft. Using of old stuff for nomads was something like showing respect for ancestors' heritage.

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