Kyrgyzstan bride

Step by step bride-napping was turned into a game and eventually became a "tradition" that people wanted to keep. Unfortunately, it turned the way that a man could steal a girl without her agreement. Very often the abducted girl did not see him until the marriage and could not come back home even if she did not like her husband. It was a shame for her parents and all relatives. Nowadays this "tradition" still exists in remote villages. People from the big cities organize special groups who go to the far villages and explain the villagers that they must not keep and respect this "tradition". There are even cases when guys from villages come to cities and abduct some girls, which nowadays of course is illegal and pursuit by court. However, when they are found and arrested, they really think that they are not guilty. Sometimes young couples in love with each other organize a bride-napping just for fun or in honor of the original tradition. In this case, the bride is ready that one day the friends of her fiancé will steal her for him. Kyrgyz people since ancient times has handicraft that reflects and express their feelings and thoughts. And every culture has its own little secrets concerning traditions of handicraft. Now we want to tell you about Kyrgyz carpets.


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