Kyrgyzstan holiday

Another famous holiday in Kyrgyzstan is Orozo -Ait. Orozo-Ait have a duration of 3 days and come to the end after one month of fast, called Ramazan, during which Muslim people are not allowed to eat and drink within a day. It may be done only at night. This is a holiday of spiritual and physical ablution. This holiday is one of the five pillars, which Muslims should strictly follow. 30 days fast must carry out all Muslims, except sick people, warriors and pregnant woman. If there is no other reason for not taken the fast, this person needs to feed one poor man for 30 days and postpone the fast on another time. In these days, believers visit the tombs of their relatives, meet with friends and neighbors, make national boorsoks, light candles and read Koran - a sacred book for all Muslims. Kyrgyzstan has many unusual things. And one of them is Kumis. Kumis is a very interesting and curing beverage! The centuries-old heritage of nomadic culture, the national pride of Kyrgyz, the unique product on the curative properties, and also with specificity of the taste - is national drink "kumis" that has no analogues in the world.


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