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Kyrgyzstan patterns

A cherber is a master who designs the outline of a pattern on the reeds with a needle. It is impossible to design an exact pattern but skilled masters can create complicated designs and patterns. In ancient time the artificers of silver decorations - kumush usta - were the most honored people. People thought that they had a peculiar sacred power over fire and silver. Kyrgyz had many silver decorations as women fingerings - shakek, arm bracelets - bilerik, earrings - iymek. A girl had a narrow fingering, and a married woman wore a wide one with several thin rims. Earrings were very decorated and their forms and designs depended much on the functions of clothes and local traditions. Even buttons on clothes were made by silver masters. Very often they even were used just as decorations. An old dress could be thrown away but the buttons were kept for future dress.


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