Activity in Kyrgyzstan

The main nomadic activity in Kyrgyzstan is stock-breeding. This occupation of the Kyrgyz prevented from appearing agriculture and settled way of life and impeded to liberation from primitive classless society.Self-organization of the Kyrgyz society on the principles of tribalism applied to every sphere of their life and principles and rules of tribalism made a foundation of organizing, administrative, breeding and legal activities. Family or tutun ("smoke") was the basic part of the Kyrgyz society, the next is generation of the sons with the common ascendant or uulu. Their number varied from several yurts to several hundreds. Consolidation of several uulu formed uruk or clan of blood relatives with a common ascendant. And, finally, tribe or uruu formed with several uruk or clans. Property belonged to whole clan and there were strict rules of using it. No one can borrow a pasture from an honored clan; one can ask a permission to be a neighbor of that clan. Having been refused there was nothing to do with it. Land didn't pass from father to a son as legacy - land division and using was subject to decision of authorities of ail (village). Tribe supervision was carrying out by ajo, manaps or biys.

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