Ancient Kyrgyz

And Zher-Suu was the last of three deities most esteemed by ancient Kyrgyz. He was the God who lived in mountains and water sources. There were still, certainly, malicious demonic beings. Such as Albarsty - spirit which was in the form of the ugly woman of short growth with a flowing hair. Kyrgyz believed that a person could die if he saw Albarsty. But she was afraid of fire and dogs. In spite of the fact that Kyrgyz at present time are Muslims, vestiges of ancient beliefs, myths and legends all the same are presented in a world-view of Kyrgyz people. Nomads have many legends, myths, songs, stories and customs that are connected with Kambar-ata (spiritual patron of horses).One of them is a tradition "Atka mingizuu" that means "to put on a horse".A father with proud put his son at the age of 3-4 years on a horse and gives him for the first time the rein. After this the most respectful aksakal (old wise man) takes reins and begins to lead the horse with the child along ail, Kyrgyz village.


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