Good master

It is considered, that in the future the son should substitute his father and he should be a good master in his house. In the honor of having this ritual parents organize a cheerful toi (celebration). Aksakals give their blessing to the child and explain him that from this moment he becomes a real horseman. In pass time it was one of the most important traditions in Kyrgyzstan. One of the most important Muslim rituals is "balany oturguzuu" or ritual of circumcision. It is a big celebration for Kyrgyz families. When a boy is 3-5 year old he must go through this ritual. It is considered to be the most important and happiest event in the life of each boy. Relatives and friends are invited to the ceremony of circumcision. Sometimes the celebration with a lot of food lasts for several days; guests play national games such as ulak tartysh, at chabysh, er oodarysh, etc. Invited guests must bring gifts for the boy. The most valuable gift is a horse. Horses are considered to be very important for all people who live in Kyrgyzstan. Even nowadays when peole use cars - a horse is still one of the symbols of Kyrgyz nation. Conduction of this ritual is a sacramental duty for Muslims.


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