Kyrgyz people

From ancient time Kyrgyz people valued the spiritual wishes - blessings. Blessing as you know encourage people and give them hope and energy. All children had to be blessed in Kyrgyzstan. Usually the infants and adolescents are blessed by respected people - wise aksakals or noble baibiche. Blessings are given for good beginning of new affair or after eating. Also grandparents bless their children and grandchildren in order to give them wisdom and strong health. Kyrgyz are ancient nomads, succeeded to preserve integrity of the culture and ethnic originality for many centuries.The outstanding Russian scientist, specialist in Turkic philology academician Radlov was the first who wrote about Kyrgyz people in Russian language. His work was written in 1863, but still has great interests even nowadays. He presented his own impressions when he first time visited places where Kyrgyz people lived. In 5th century Kyrgyz people lived along the bank of Yenisei River. At that time Kyrgyz were blond hair people with blue eyes. Because of this some scientist guessed that Kyrgyz were Indo-European originally. Later Kyrgyz lost their previous appearances as blond people with blue eyes probably because of Mongols people who had a high influence on all tribes in 13 century.

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