National culture

The skill for preparation of tasty and useful "kumis" takes an important part in national culture of Kyrgyz that gives us the chance to be closer to our ancestors. The mare's milk may be acquired unpleasant taste for visitors but the drink is very popular among to the Kyrgyz people. They have a saying: "Koumiss is man's blood and fresh air is his soul". If you travel in Kyrgyzstan and especially if you travel in Naryn region - you can find and try the best kumis there. Kyrgyz are very ancient people, therefore mythology and beliefs among them are well developed. The main God for Kyrgyz, as well as for many Turkic people, was the God of heavs - Tenrgi. He was identified with the sky, and even the Tien Shan mountains Kyrgyz people named "Tengri-Too". Such name was given because tops of mountains were disappearing in clouds. And ancient Kyrgyz thought that on these mountains lives Tengri. The following deity to which worshipped Kyrgyz, it was the Goddess - Mother Umaj-Ene. She esteemed as the goddess of the earth and fertility, the keeper of the hearth, the patroness of women and children. Umaj-Ene was represented as a woman with a headdress with a triangular pattern. Often she was represented as a bird that lives on a World Tree.


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