Kyrgyzstan years

Twenty-eight years later another group of explorers witnessed the same event. To their astonishment Merzbacher Lake emptied before their very eyes, leaving great blocks of ice at the bottom of the former lake. When the ice was breaking it made terrible noises. "Our horses were so frightened by the great roar and Glacier pulsation that we hardly managed to get them down the slope", - said the member of the expedition. In a year when a group returned to reach Khan Tengri Peak, they were amazed to see the lake full of clean water and small icebergs floating on its silent surface.

There are several theories to explain the regular outflow of water from Merzbacher. Some scientists suggest that pressure exerted by the water of the lake on South Inylchek Glacier becomes sufficient, once the lake reaches a certain depth to cause deformation of the Glacier. When this deformation causes the gaps between the Glacier and its bad, the lake drains.

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