Your trekking

Today during your trekking from the Jukku gorge to Dongurome valley you will have a great chance to get acquainted with nomadic traditions and culture. Because there are nomads who still live in yurts and come to this summer pastures with their cattle and they are very hospitable and friendly. The yurt is a collapsible dwelling of nomads. It is made without a single nail and can be erect or collapsed just within an hour. Also it is possible to try national drink Kumis there (alcohol mare's milk). Your tent camp will be on the cross of two rivers - Dongurome and Jukku River. Dinner will be served at 7 p.m.  

Day 7: Dongurome - pass Jukku - Syrti  

Your breakfast will be ready at 8:00. Afterwards we will start our trekking to the pass Jukku. As soon as we cross it you will have an unforgettable view on the mountains peaks that are more that 5 000 meters high. There are plenty of them and you can look at them for hours. This place will surprise you by its beauty and stunning views. Also you will be able to enjoy the view of mountain lakes there. You farewell mountain dinner will be at 8 pm.


Welcome to Kyrgyzstan!