Eagles in Kyrgyzstan

Very often hunt small game with any kind of falcon hunting birds called, bringing in this concept not only to hunt with falcons, but also with the eagles. However, there is in hunting with eagles is something that sets it apart and puts on a special place.
In the course of six thousand years, the ability to hunt eagle passed on from ancient hunters to modern descendants. And until now the descendants of the Mongol take eagles, golden eagles to hunt foxes and wolves. Hunting with eagles is considered one of the oldest forms of hunting. The ancestors of modern humans thousands of years ago, led their hunting in the Eurasian steppes. This is evidenced by the petroglyphs since the Bronze Age. In the western part of Kazakhstan Aktobe in the valley have been found buried second Golden Man. With him was also the precious golden eagle.
While in Kazakhstan prefer to hunt with hawks and falcons, hunting in Kyrgyzstan took the golden eagle. Each bird is trained on a particular type of production, according to its size and natural instincts. Falcon preys on birds, great small size, and sparrow hawks are used primarily for hunting hare. But eagles golden eagles prey on good larger prey - not just a rabbit, but also a fox, Korsakov. With great strength, well-trained golden eagles take to catch small prey, and wolves. Regarding the latter, adult wolf eagle is not able to raise, but because hunting with golden eagles are on the young.
Hundreds of years ago, a good huntsman eagle valued its weight in gold. During the trial the bird was given a good horse, or five or six camels.
While hunting with a golden eagle was found in the past century and survived until today. They begin hunting with the first frosts, and it lasts from November to February. Such a schedule is due to the fact that the fur-bearing animals during the winter months are thick and warm winter furs.