Mountain Rivers

Fishing tour: Mountain Rivers

Country: Kyrgyzstan

Duration: 12 days

Places to visit: Bishkek - Chon Kemin - Son Kul - Issyk Kul - Chui reservoir - Suusamir river - Toktogul water reservoir - Kekemeren river - Bishkek 

Tour itinerary:

Day 1: Bishkek - Chon Kemin
After you flight to Kyrgyzstan we start our trip to famous Chon Kemin valley. There are beautiful views of our Tien Shan Mountains along the whole way. On the way you will visit ancient Burana Tower that was built in 11 century. Your guide will tell you many interesting facts about it and also you will see the cemetery of stone warriors - balbals. In Chon Kemin valley you will strat your fishing in a mountain river. This night you will spend in a guesthouse.

Day 2: Chon Kemin - Son Kul 
In the morning you will be transferred to the eastern side of the lake Son-Kul (700km). 
Son Kul Lake is surrounded by mountains and it is the biggest freshwater lake in Kyrgyzstan, situated at an altitude of 3013 meters above sea level. Since ancient times Kyrgyz nomads started to come to this wonderful area with their families for rest and relaxation. Herders of the Naryn region come to the lake to use it as a pastureland. There are few types of fish in Son-Kul, mostly different types of carp. This night you will spend with local nomads in their collapsible dwellings yurts.

Day 3: Son Kul 
Trip to the western part of Son-Kul (60km). The whole day of fishing! You will have an opportunity to take a closer look at a Kyrgyz lifestyle and participate in cooking Kyrgyz food. A night in a yurt.

Day 4: Son Kul - Issyk Kul 
Fishing in the morning, trip to Issik-Kul Lake. It is the second largest alpine lake in the world (1608m.above sea level). Thanks to the salty water, Issyk Kul Lake possesses curative qualities. You will have a chance to fish there in a boat. Thirteen types of fish inhabit this lake, most of them are from the carp and salmon families. Also there are new forms of fish that are unique only in Isik-Kul. There are few examples: Chebak, (Schizothorax) marinka, (Diptychus) osman, sazan, minnow and gudgeon.

Day 5: Issyk Kul 
Today you will fishing from a boat in the Issyk Kul lake. 

Day 6: Issyk Kul - Chui reservoir 
In the morning you will visit to Cholpon-Ata museum and the open air museums of balbals that were made in 8 century B.C. After the museum we go to the Chui reservoir. It is one of the 4 largest reservoirs in Chui region. Its depth reache 25-30 meters. A variety of fish inhabits this reservoir: sazan, catfish, diff types of carp and bream. Evening fishing here is very interesting and extremely entertaining. We will spend the night in a tent. 

Day 7: Chui reservoir - Suusamir river
Fishing in the same reservoir in the morning. Later we will move to the Suusamir valley. On the way to that valley we will cross mountain tunnels and Tooya-Ashoo pass. We will spend a night in a tent by the Suusamir river and fish for trout.

Day 8: Suusamir river - Toktogul water reservoir
We continue to fish on Soosamir river. When biting will stop in the afternoon, we will move to the Toktogul hydro electro station, where the biggest reservoir was formed. In Toktogul reservoir there are many types of rather big fish: trout, sazan, pike perch and carp. Toktogul reservoir is situation in the region of Osh, and was formed by Toktogul Dam blocking Naryn river. Because this artificial reservoir was so big, a lot of fish was spread in there in order to keep it clean. A t different times, biggest species of fish in Kyrgyzstan were caught there. The night you will spend in tents on the shore of water resrvour.  

Day 9: Toktogul water reservoir - Kekemeren river 
We continue to fish at Toktogul till noon and then we will move to the Kekemeren river. We will continue to catch trout, but now in a mountain river. We will spend a night in a tent by the river.

Day 10: Kekemeren river - Bishkek 
Full day fishing at Kekemeren. When Soosamir and West Karakol river connect together, Kekemeren is formed. Kekemeren flows through Inner Tyan-Shan for 200 kilometers and then flows into Narin River. The preferred time for fishing is spring, when the level of water rises and intensive period of larvae development starts. Caddis Fly larvae is the main part of the ration and is a very good lure at this time. Trout actively reacts on the spinning lure. As a rule, trout stays by itself, but in the evening it gathers in groups and it is possible to see because of the splashes on the water. In early spring and autumn, when water is very transparent, the most active biting is when it gets dark, like in the evening or early morning. It is very important for a fisherman to have some experience with rigging. It will allow to catch high amount of fish in a short period of time during the dawn or sunset. In the period of spring flood, when water is not very transparent, biting does not stop all day long. Trip to Bishkek, night at the hotel. 

Day 11: Bishkek
In Bishkek city you will have a guided city tour. During this city tour you will find out everything about its unbelievable history and people that live there. You will visit Victory Square, Oak park, Ala Too Square, the History Museum. Afterwards you will have your lunch when you will try first time national Kyrgyz cuisine. Then we will visit oriental bazaar. This place is one of the favorite among travelers. There you can find everything! You can walk there for several hours making pictures of local people and their goods. After dinner you will spend night in a hotel.

Day 12: Flight home
You guide will pick you up in your hotel and then transfer to the airport.