Kyrgyzstan is a high-mountainous country where you can come to travel and do alpinism. In terms of alpinism, Kyrgyzstan is noted as a country worth visiting. Our travel company offers tours with cars rent Kyrgyzstan service for those who want to travel in the country of majestic mountains and do trekking or hiking in addition to alpinism. By the way, during the Soviet Union it was impossible to visit the mountains, and even more so to do alpinism. In Soviet times, only a few high-ranking officials were able to obtain permission.

During the tours with cars rent Kyrgyzstan service before visiting the mountains and doing alpinism, travelers should ask the guide about all the permits and restrictions, advantages and disadvantages. Also, tourists should remember about risky cases in the form of avalanches and cracks.

Nowadays, in Kyrgyzstan, when trekkers manage to overcome the peaks of 7000 m above sea level, they are awarded the title "Snow Leopard". About 600 climbers received the award during the Soviet Union.

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