Crest Lenin

In the Osh region of Kyrgyzstan, the country's tallest mountain, Peak Lenin, will be examined. Visitors who rent a car in Kyrgyzstan may now take a tour that takes them near to the Tajik border. The mountain's highest peak is 7134 meters above sea level. During a Kyrgyzstan car rental journey around the country, visitors may explore the area around the peak. The peak is not constantly visible due to cloud cover.

The weather in the mountains varies according to elevation. During his visit in 1871, A.P. Fedchanko examined the region and named the mountain. The governor and Soviet commander in control at the time of his birth gave him the name Peak Kaufman. The peak's name was then derived from the time's governing king.

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On the initial tour, none of the members of the group made it to the peak . The vaulting was later duplicated by the Soviet Red Army, who constructed the Lenin monument. In 1967, the 301 expedition jumped to celebrate its 50th anniversary. As a result of the vaulting, the general public became aware of the presence of over 16 different tunnels.

Due to the high terrain, anybody renting a car in Kyrgyzstan, whether alone or with the help of a professional, may be at danger. Because of the unpredictability of the weather, knowing how to be safe in this environment is essential. A group of ladies vanished as a result of a hurricane in 1974 and an earthquake in 1991.