Our clients will be able to go on tours in Kyrgyzstan, rent a car, and enjoy delicious cuisine, which was based on showing the traditions and customs of the nomadic people. Turks, Persians, Arabs, Indians, Chinese, Russians, Europeans who had a great influence on the customs of the people. You have a great opportunity to rent a car for tours in Kyrgyzstan, and also visit many restaurants. Our company can show you the main points of the cuisine, which you can explore before the start of tours in Kyrgyzstan:

For the Kyrgyz, bread is very important, people say that it is the head of everything, and they respect it. Usually nomadic people do not cut bread, but rather drink with tea and tear with their hands. The most important thing is that the bread should stand on the top side, not upside down. Bread has its own varieties and the Kyrgyz popular bread is a flatbread, which is prepared in a tandoor, bursok is another type of bread, small pieces of dough that are fried in oil. The most important thing is that bread is the head and prosperity of everything.

Beshbarmak is a popular dish that has been prepared by nomadic tribes since ancient times. Before eating this dish, the Kyrgyz first wash their hands and say the words of blessing. It is customary to eat beshbarmak himself with your hands. And also when they eat it, they discuss various topics and also sit close to each other. Beshbarmak is prepared with dough, meat like lamb and beef and also with onions.

Kyrgyz people eat meat delicacies, and they also eat them with great pleasure. Chuchuk is a delicious meat dish that is usually served for the holidays. Chuchuk has such ingredients as kazy karta (ribs), salt, ulcers, paprika, salt, black pepper, onion and garlic, cumin, bay leaf. Also, use different types of meat marinade for the dish. 

The Kyrgyz also have a famous dish called kuurdak, which is made from fried beef, or lamb with potatoes and onions. It is usually prepared on metal or also by different methods. But you can also cook on special stones, which makes the taste of the dish even more unique.

The soup made from meat, vegetables and herbs is called shorpo. This dish is usually served in the east. During the tours in Kyrgyzstan, you will be able to taste a delicious dish and explore that you can add red pepper to it, so that the taste becomes more piquant, with unique notes. And so this meat soup gets a unique and unique taste. 

This is a very popular dish in Kyrgyzstan, which is prepared by local residents. It is mainly prepared in Central Asia and in many other countries. Plov is also a significant dish that is usually served at important events such as the birth of a child, a wedding, a funeral. Also, usually when guests arrive, the hostess prepares a special dish of rice, carrots and meat with other ingredients.

Kyrgyzstan has a lot of different delicious dishes that you can explore on tours around the country and rent a car. And here is one of them, which is called samsa. This is a special pie that is prepared with meat, onions and other products. There are various types of samsa, which are prepared in a tandoor or on special stones, as well as puff. Various types of meat, such as beef and chicken, are added to samsas.

Manty is a traditional Kyrgyz food, which is a common dish for the whole family. They should be eaten by hand in Kyrgyzstan. This dish is usually placed in the middle of the table, and the guests usually put as much as they want in the dishes. The manty themselves are made so that meat and onions, as well as other products, are added to the dough. The manta rays themselves are steamed in a special device.

In Central Asia, people prepare a dish like lagman, which is made from vegetables, noodles and meat. People can also buy noodles and cook this delicious dish. This dish is made with gravy, with a lot of water and to make it look like soup. You can also add peppers, eggplants, beans, onions, radishes, carrots, and many others. 

Ashlyam - Fu
Ashlyam fu is a dish in Kyrgyzstan that is considered the most delicious in Karakol. You can rent a car and enjoy delicious traditional dishes on tours around Kyrgyzstan. This dish is usually served in the summer when it is hot to quench your thirst as it is cold. On tours in Kyrgyzstan, you can try this dish, which includes ingredients such as sauce, starch, vegetables and noodles. The dish itself comes from dungan with Chinese origin.

Shashlyk is a dish when the meat is cooked over a fire. You can try this dish in cafes and restaurants in Kyrgyzstan. And the very origin of the dishes, which go deep from the Turks. Today they say that it is prepared with pickled food, with types and sauces, and some vegetables.

Dymlyama is a delicious dish that is prepared in a lazy way. There are usually various ingredients present. All products in Kyrgyzstan dishes are layered, like bell peppers, potatoes, tomatoes, onions, meat, and so on.

Ganfan is of Eastern origin, and people also compare it to lagman. In our tours, you can try this dish, which is prepared with a lot of vegetables, spices, noodles, but with less water. Noodles can also be served with rice as a side dish. And in any case, this dish will be a table decoration for any event.

Borsch is of Russian-Slavic origin. And since the Kyrgyz were on good terms with Russia, that's why this dish is very famous. And many Kyrgyz people also prepare this dish. You can also order this dish in cafes or restaurants. Borsch includes such components as beef, vegetables, the red color of the soup is remarkable due to the beetroot. 

Kyrgyzstan has many nationalities, and different people with different traditions and customs live on its territory. And for this reason, there are many different cuisines in Kyrgyzstan. The cutlet is of French origin, and it is made from various pieces of meat. You can also use the meat of various animals, such as turkey, chicken, beef. Usually, onions and potatoes are also added to this.

A special snack among the Kyrgyz is kurut, which has a domestic production. This dish is natural and is made from milk and its preservatives. The dish is made like balls, and it tastes creamy, salty, sometimes sweet or sour, spicy. The decoration of the table is always kurut. You will be able to try it on tours in Kyrgyzstan and enjoy the delicious taste.

In Central Asia, people like to eat mampar, which is cooked with dough, onions and potatoes. Onions and various ingredients can also be added here. This dish is also served on festive occasions and it becomes a table decoration.

Kyrgyzstan is influenced by the Slavic people, and therefore the Kyrgyz are very fond of eating pelmeni. Usually, the meat is rolled into the dough and cooked in salt water. The dish itself is usually served with sour cream and ketchup, or mayonnaise.