Currency of Kyrgyzstan

Of course, before going to travel, we must learn about the local currency in order to understand how much money we need to spend on a tour, for Kyrgyzstan rent cars service, etc. Those travelers through Kyrgyzstan rent cars pay mainly in local currency like som and sometimes in dollars. Money is exchanged mainly in the banks of Kyrgyzstan. In many places, you cannot pay with other currency because they only accept soms. 

It is also important to understand that exchange rates in different banks may differ, but it is much better to exchange currency here than in the regions or at bazaars during travel tour. Banks usually work until 5pm, and currency exchange offices in Kyrgyzstan operate approximately 24 hours a day. For everyone, you need to have a passport with you to exchange money. Visa and Master card are also relevant here, but remember that not in many places you can pay with a credit card during your travel tour with Kyrgyzstan rent cars. In Kyrgyzstan, cash is still more preferred.

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