You will be able to see in tours of Kyrgyzstan a very rich and rare fauna of the country, it is different in that it is interesting and worth exploring. The tours themselves will be fascinating, and we will be very happy to arrange a trip to Kyrgyzstan with non-negotiable information and car rental services. For example, you can rent a car from our company as a Lexus LX470, and go to the height of the country, as Kyrgyzstan is high-altitude. We will be able to offer tours where you can explore the animals and rich fauna.

It is very interesting that at an altitude of 3400-3800 meters live voles, field voles, and marmots. You can also meet brown bears, hares, wild sheep and mountain goats. Since Kyrgyzstan is a country of high mountains, the temperature changes at altitude with different species of animals. Travelers on tours of Kyrgyzstan will be able to explore that Kyrgyzstan is home to birds such as rock pigeons, Alpine finches, red-bellied red stars, partridges, Golden eagles, falcons, hawks, buzzards and bullfinches.

You will be able to rent cars from our company, and explore not only unique, but also rare animals. And the country is home to such rare animals as Marco Polo sheep, red deer, lynx and Snow Leopards. They, like other animals, are part of the country's fauna. And it is worth studying that such animals can sooner or later disappear from the face of the earth.