Would you like to travel around Kyrgyzstan and explore the flora of the country? Then we are our travel company ready to offer you various tours with rented cars. Unique country as Kyrgyzstan usually has a unique flora represented by a large variety of plants.

For example, guests of Kyrgyzstan can use rent cars Bishkek service if they wish to explore the flora of the northern part of the country. Here you will be able to see different types of plants and visit the steppes, meadow-steppe and meadowlands. This area is mainly covered with shrubs and forests. On the tour, guests see that the climate is dry, but the mountains are perfectly do a great thing, enriching with a clean and grassy atmosphere.

Countryside of Kyrgyzstan, Kyrgyzstan tours. 

Our team of professionals in all tours with rented cars service aim to familiarize our clients with 4000 species of plants, which are mainly represented in the mountains, especially in the Ala Archa gorge. It is known that about 600 plants are wild growing, of which 200 are medicinal. Guests can see, for example, coltsfoot, sea buckthorn, St. John's wort, horsetail, Turkestan thermopsis and oregano, tulips and edelweiss, Siberian fir, Schrenk fir, juniper.

In addition to all this, in the program of the tour, travelers can include a visit to the Arslanbob walnut forest, which is located in the Jalal Abad region. This place is considered the southern part of Kyrgyzstan, so rent cars Bishkek service is worth it to go there. This forest contains varieties of wild apple, pear and cherry trees. Tourists can also be told legends about this place, since there are indeed many legends associated with this forest. The most famous among them says that Alexander the Great was once also a guest of these places.