Issyk Kul lake based on the ancient city

Issyk Kul is the most famous lake in Central Asia and Kyrgyzstan. Many tourists start to investigation the territory via tours from this lake. We would like to admit that our company offers car rent service. According to one of the legends, a large city used to be located on the site of the pearl of Kyrgyzstan. After a strong earthquake, it went underground and was flooded with water. The loss of the survivors was so bitter that their tears made the pond salty and hot. That is why its name comes from the word "ysyk" - warm (like tears). Some historians believe that the myth was not born out of thin air.

The lake is located in the north-east of Kyrgyzstan in a tectonic depression, between two large ridges of the northern Tien Shan: Kungei-Alatau and Terskei-Alatau. These names have a symbolic meaning, Kungei-Alatau is translated as "facing the sun", and Terskey-Alatau - "facing away from the sun". Lake Issyk-Kul is one of the deepest and largest mountain lakes. The clearest rivers flow down from the glaciers and constantly replenish the lake's basin. More than 80 rivers and streams flow into Lake Issyk-Kul, and there are no outflows. Because of this, there is an accumulation of salts, and the water in the lake is salty. In tours you can find and buy naked osman, the chebak, and the carp. On request, you can order a car rent service in tours in order to feel the bon spectrum of vacation.