Review of Kyrgyzstan

It is good to know a little about the country before any trip. Therefore, we give you a chance by giving a small review of the territory of Kyrgyzstan. Of course, these days it is not so difficult to go on a travel, because many travel companies can offer a tour. It is very good to book a tour in such companies because they have been working in this sphere for a long time. These companies will help you to make you, firstly, easy entry and exit into the country, and secondly, to visit all the most wonderful places, and finally, thirdly, it is the employees of these companies who will deal with the small details like booking a place where you will sleep, eat, have fun, and so on.

The function of our company is also this. We are always happy to help our tourists to make their travel easy and enjoyable. We provide our dear tourists with a wide choice of car for rent, and the best part is that we organize the tour personally for everyone's taste. Our tours differ radically from the complexity of the tour to the places that our beloved guests of the country visit.

What kind of cars are popular you ask. This is one of the common questions among travelers, the answer to which is all-wheel drive cars. The roads of our country are known for their low quality, sometimes the roads are gravel and muddy in mountainous regions, and therefore it is easier to move with the help of such vehicles. The easiest way is to rent a car like a jeep.

Hiking, trekking, horse riding are very popular in tours in Kyrgyzstan. Because our country is very suitable for this kind of activity because of the mountainous regions. On the tour, our travelers find another interesting activity - communication with local residents from these remote regions. With our cars for rent service, all these activities will be available to you on our tours. The next interesting fact when traveling in Kyrgyzstan in such mountainous areas is the place to spend the night. Nights are spent on such tours, whether in guesthouses or in yurts. Now let's take a look at what are the differences between these two dwellings, in guesthouses you will get comfort in the form of bathrooms. However, while spending the night in a yurt, you will experience traditional nomadic housing and feel the Kyrgyz flavor, but the toilet will be outside and showers are rarely in them. With our company, you will get a perfectly organized tour! Rent a car option is available in Kyrgyzstan!


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