Our company is happy to provide you with the details of your tours and create a comfortable journey through the mountainous country. In our tours of Kyrgyzstan, you can learn that rituals are an important factor, just like in any other country. Your tours will be great with our team of professionals.

The company's clients will be able to rent a car on tours around Kyrgyzstan, explore the life of the local population, get acquainted with customs and traditions, and also with rituals. You have the opportunity to explore that the rituals mostly go back to ancient times when there were Turkic tribes. The Kyrgyz people in the past led a nomadic lifestyle and therefore their rites and rituals were based on their lifestyle

On a tour of Kyrgyzstan, you can learn that the rituals are related to childbirth and you can rent a car. There is also another kind of ritual called suyunchu, which is an event when people say the good news and then give gifts to their parents. Another event is called korunduk, when parents are given money for the child's viewing. Beyshik toy is a well-known ritual when celebrating the birth of a child. During the tour, you will learn that a lot of guests come on this day, traditional food is prepared for them for treats and juniper is also burned. Tushuu kesuu is an interesting ritual when celebrating the first steps that a child takes. And then a large number of people come, the child's legs are tied with ropes and the older children at the distillery tend to untie the child's legs.

During the tour of Kyrgyzstan, you will have the chance to explore a different kind of tradition called wedding. You can rent a car with or without a driver. On the tour, you can learn that weddings are given great importance and engagements. They invite a large number of guests and although this happens with large monetary losses. ala kachuu is a traditional ritual that is based on the event of the bride's theft and it is forbidden now. Then the bride is kidnapped and it may even be unknown persons. And she has no chance to leave the groom's house. Nike or the engagement comes later. In the tour, you will be able to explore what is the legalization of marriage according to Muslim canons. On the day when the bride is seen off, her relatives and friends call her kyz uzatuu. The wedding itself is performed in the restaurant and many guests come, say wishes and give gifts. These are the rituals you can explore on tours around Kyrgyzstan. And our team recommends you to rent a car.