Seven Bulls gorge

Karakol is the city where we travel and get to see the surroundings, like the visiting of Jeti Oguz gorge (Seven Bulls). Basically it can be taken into account for covering of 28km from the city. This destination is seen to be exciting and of great views of red rocks, of the appearance of the Bulls. Guests usually have a desire to visit it, as they take an arrival of Kyrgyzstan. Be sure to rent a car and wander about the sightseeing.

Boarders as well as the local people find the name of the gorge found in the appearance, as it looks like the bulls standing in a row. There used to be many legends and supposes of the emergence, that is why there is a great amount of myths. These myths are presented to the guests in the tour in Kyrgyzstan, as they have right to know of them. One of the most famous legends says there was a king who killed seven bulls. He said there was a great need to do it. That is why the red color of the gorge is symbolized by blood. The tour in the country is aimed at giving the travel experience on rented cars actually.