Kyrgyz biology

Kyrgyzstan has a very rich nature. One of the famous trees in Kyrgyzstan is Juniper (Archa). It grows in the rock mountains in the conditions of high dryness. There are 5 species of Archa, which are adapted to different climate conditions and different altitudes. Archa is a tree which accompanies a Kyrgyz during all his life. A cradle is made up of this tree, when a yurt is put, an honorable women comes first and holds a branch of a burning Archa, which is believed to keep off the family from the evil spirits. And in the end the coffin is also made from Archa wood. Archa has its own way to survive in such dry conditions. Its trunk turns or curls during growing, so that the sun doesn't burn the tree only on one side. Also it drops its needles creating a kind of pillow of these needles and other mess. When it rains, this pillow keeps the humidity, saturating the roots of the tree. Archa's wood has a little pinkish color and smells greatly. This tree cleans the air very quickly. One ha of Archa tree can clear the air of the whole city by one night.

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