Kyrgyz horse

horse is a best friend of a warrior. A warrior could never get lost. His horse instinctively knew the way home, so he could let it go and follow. During the trip when a warrior's food stock was over he made an incision in his horse's leg, strained off some of its blood and boiled it on fire, then eat. This way a horse didn't let its master to starve.

When a warrior was terribly injured, a two-year old horse was cut and its guts were given to the wounded warrior to eat up, then the warrior was warped with still warm skin of a horse, and was left alone to have rest.

A lot of traditions and proverbs are connected with horses. There are a lot of occasions and celebrations, where the games connected with horses take place. In the games both man and women and boys and girls take part. These games are usually on exactness and dexterity. During the game one can see how much is the rider skilled in horse riding.

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