Kyrgyzstan biology

Another celebrated tree of Kyrgyzstan is the Queen of Tian-Shan. It also grows in the high mountains at the altitude of 1000-3000 m. a. s. l. It can grow up to 50 m. long. It has a unique way of propagation. Another tree grows from the root of another, making a kind of a chain of similar trees. Each tree has a main root, which grows deep down to the ground, and grows till it faces some stone, then clutches at it in order the tree stands any storms and strong winds. The animal life is much more varied and diverse. Over the territory of Kirgizstan one can find animals over any landscape: forests, steppes, valleys, deserts and mountains.

We live on a planet of insects. Nowadays there are from 2 to 4 million different species of insects. 625000 species of insects are certainly known by the scientists nowadays. Therefore human is surrounded by insects, but most of them are so small that a person's eye is unable to distinguish them. Only in Kirgizstan there are about 5000 species and 17 species are described in the Red Book of Kyrgyzstan.


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