Kyrgyzstan birds

There are 335 species of different birds. In different areas of Kyrgyzstan one can find pelicans, grey geese, woodpecker, seagull, red-wing flamingo, grey herons and cranes. Among rare species of birds there are white stork, black stork, bearded vulture, bustard, demoiselle crane and, of course, eagle. There are several species of an eagle in Kyrgyzstan. They differ by its shape, coloring and size. They are: Golden eagle, Steppe eagle, White-tail sea eagle, Grave eagle. Eagle is a predator. The Steppe eagle is usually brown - it's the darkest of all the eagles, the Grave eagle has a longer tail and wider wings with brown-colored body and light spots on its shoulders. The Golden eagle, also called Berkut, is light colored with a dark line along the edge; it has golden feathers at the back of its head.

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