Kyrgyzstan horse

For many years horses and sheep formed the currency of exchange - used to buy goods, a wife or weapon. During the Silk Road times the Yssun khans had Celestial Horses. The khan was supposed to have his power forever if had a Celestial Horse. These horses were unlike the usual ones. These had long slim legs, very thing and long neck and prolonged muzzles. They eat few and could gallop and jump all over the whole day. They sweat with blood and their meat was sweet and pinkish.

All the Kyrgyz were horse riders. A boy was placed on the horse at already 3 or 4 years. Girls were also taught to ride a horse. Horses helped nomads to migrate from one place to another and to carry their houses yurts. It takes only 2 or 3 horses to carry dismantled yurt. A horse meat is not an ordinary food. Only on the holidays and on some spectacular occasions Kyrgyz cut a horse, for instance weddings, anniversaries or funerals. Horsemeat usually served to honorable guests - the choice of cut helped to define the status of the guest - the rump was given to the most honorable guests. It was considered to have curative value and was given to pregnant women and children to share their strength and wisdom.


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