Kyrgyzstan yaks

Marko Polo sheep is also known as Great Pamir sheep or Great Tibetan sheep as it inhabits in the high mountains of Pamir Range Mountains at the altitude from 5000 to 7500 m. a. s. l. They are mainly known for their characteristically large swirling horns. They have long white legs and brown body with red spots. Adult males weight 125 kg, females 75 kg with the height of 115 sm. And 100 sm. The characteristic horns can be used as an indication of the age of an individual male. A one year old will have short horns. A two or three year old will have horns that form a quarter of a circle, at four or five years old, the horns will form a semi-circle and between six to eight years old they will form a three-quarters circle. These sheep don't have a good sense of sight but has a good sense of hearing and smell, that's why that's hard to haunt them. Yaks. About 3000 years ago Yaks were tamed by man. Yaks are really large animals. They can reach two m. height.  Wild yaks weight up to 1000 kg and are found in treeless uplands: plains, hills, mountains (from 3200 - 5400 m. a. s. l.).  Yaks are not solitary animals, they usually gather in groups of 10 to 30 animals, and sometimes in larger groups of 100 to 200 animals. Yak has thick hair in a shape of "skirt" under which mothers hide their calves from cold winter. Yaks are well adopted to cope with the extreme weather conditions. During the winter season they even bathe in ponds which haven't frozen over. The birth period is from April to June. Yaks give birth to single calve in several years. Yaks live up to 25 years.


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