Kyrgyzstan and eagles

Hunter, who hunts with golden eagles, or call berkutchi kusbegi. For centuries, handed down the learning experience birds of prey from one generation to the next, and he was kept in strict confidence. Education eagle hunting is considered a great art. A berkutchi - is respected by all people who had high social status.
The very process of education and training of the golden eagle is long and complicated. To grow a good hunting birds, you need to work hard. Because hunting with eagles engaged people are mostly middle-aged and older, they can observe the external and other signs of the bird on which it can be called a good hunter.
While in captivity have berkutchi, golden eagle shows the effective rates in the hunt for five, a maximum of ten years. After that, they die of various diseases.
Before the hunt the bird deliberately kept for some time without food, the golden eagle to feel hungry and therefore a good hunt.
Hunter is going to hunt on horseback. On hand, dressed in a special long leather glove, he holds a golden eagle. On the eagle's head wearing a small cap (klobuchek), which covers the bird's eyes.
The dog is released for free search of prey. Once risen, or startle the animal spotted, the hunter release the bird's head from the mask and releases it. In the case where the animal was raised away from the greyhound, and she simply did not see the hunter attracts the attention of the dog kind of shout, which serves as a sort of play off against the signal for the birds, which are already released. Hunting dog indulges in the direction in which the golden eagle flew - for the outgoing production.
Hunting dog, and eagle are working in tandem. Their movements and exercises complement each other. The dog takes the role of sleuth and picks the bushes to frighten the animal. Finding prey, it allows the hunter to put to work the bird. Typically, an adult and an experienced eagle speed ahead of the dog and he attacks the beast.

An exciting and thrilling spectacle of a national sports games, and Kirghiz. You will be interested not only see but also to participate in them, test their strength, agility and wit. The most popular and common are the equestrian games and competition riders. In view of the prevailing conditions of life since ancient times, the Kirghiz are excellent horsemen. Strength, courage, agility and skill competitions require perseverance dzhigits "atchabysh" - jumps to 20 - 30 km and the "Jorge-salysh" amblers jumps on 2 - 10 km, an exciting fight on horseback "Oodarysh." But the most striking sight is the fight over the carcass of riders' Ulak tartysh "or" Kok forest, "revealing strength, courage, boldness and agility to compete.
The most interesting game of horse, "kiz kuumay" (catch the girl), have long been common among young people kyrgyzskoy. The girl starts to jump a little earlier horseman, who must catch up and touch his hand. If the brave do not catch up with the girl, he eliminated from further competition. Only the most cunning and courageous on the shoulder of the most challenging races on horseback, "jumbo atman" - shooting at a target at full gallop and "tyyin enmey" - dostavanie at full gallop with the coin lands, which lies in a pit at a depth of 1.5 - 2 cm
Not a national holiday or celebration can not do without the competition of men of power, of which are very popular tug of war "lasso tartmay" and belt wrestling "kuresh." Participants' kuresh "go in a circle, getting closer and take each other's waist. Care must be one of the conditions did not tear your hands off the waist of the "enemy." Pediobtel the one who put the opponent on both blades.