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Kyrgyzstan drinks

Kumis islomolochny drink from mare's milk, the resulting lactic acid and alcoholic fermentation with the help of the Bulgarian and acidophilic lactic acid bacilli and yeast. The drink frothy, whitish color, taste - a pleasant, refreshing, sweet and sour. Kumis considered a useful tool for bracing.
Depending on the yeast, the duration and conditions of mare's milk is obtained varies. Mare is very strong, with a high alcohol content, which can intoxicate, leading man in an excited state of intoxicating. Sometimes mare, on the contrary, soothing, resulting in a drowsy man.
Koumiss has marked curative properties, which, basically, can be summarized as follows:
Kumysnye yeast during fermentation produce antibiotic compounds against the tuberculosis bacillus.
Kumis normalizes the secretory activity of the stomach and other digestive organs.
Kymyz is very effective for gastric and duodenal ulcers, in the stage of the decay process, and also gives good results in dysentery, and typhoid fever.
Koumiss has antibacterial properties, including, with respect to E. coli and other pathogenic microbes.
Kymyz has a very beneficial effect on blood: increased hemoglobin, improves leukocyte formula.
Koumiss has a beneficial effect on the nervous system.
Kumis relatively quickly relieves hangover due to the high content of vitamins B, lactic acid and carbon dioxide, but above all, due to ethanol.
Kumis slightly slows the development of cancer
Kumis helps preserve youthful skin and body as a whole.
When applied topically to the koumiss treatment of purulent wounds accelerates the first phase of wound healing
Drinking koumiss is on a strictly individual schedule, certain amounts. Begin with six receptions for 100 days (sometimes 50) milliliters, gradually bringing the total daily volume to 2.5 liters. Koumiss is recommended to drink at room temperature, small sips on an empty stomach. Subsequent methods no earlier than half an hour after breakfast and dinner. Finish taking koumiss to an hour and a half before dinner. After dinner, drinking mare's milk is not recommended. - wide options for trekking tours.          - horse riding in Kyrgyzstan. - active tours for active people. - Silk Road travel for small groups - guaranteed departures tours.             


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