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Kyrgyzstan Trekking: Trek 02
Country: Kyrgyzstan
Activity Tour: Trekking Tour
Time: 12 days

Day 1: We will meet you at the Manas airport, and then transfer to Bishkek city. Breakfast at 08:00 Walking tour through the city anything from images. Dinner and overnight is at the hotel.
Day 2: The day begins with the transfer from Bishkek to Karakol (390 km). Passing along the pearl of Kyrgyzstan - Lake Issyk-Kul, the rest in the guest house. Sightseeing tour, visiting the town of Karakol Dungan mosque (1910g.) in the style of a Buddhist pagoda, without a single nail, Cathedral - Church of the Holy Trinity (1872g.). Dinner and overnight is invited into a house or yurt camp.
Day 3: Breakfast 7 am. Trekking tour to pass Telety (3800 m) 15 km., 5-6 pm will enjoy the wonderful nature of the neighborhood. Dinner and overnight is in tents.
Day 4: At 7 am breakfast. Trekking tour in Karakol Gorge Telety pass - 20 km, 6-7 h.. This valley is easily visible from the town of Karakol. Especially visible some of its vertices, such as: Karakol (5280m), Djigit (5130m), the Przewalski (4283m). The object of tourist interest is also a cascade of waterfalls, located in dense juniper and Marennyi numerous lakes located in the upper valley. Dinner and overnight is in tents.
Day 5: The day begins with trekking tour in Karakol pass (5181 meters). Karakol Gorge is located 9 km south of the town of Karakol in bronchial eponymous valley, which cuts deep (40 m) on the slope of Terskey Ala-Too. Lunch. The diversity of flora in Karakol gorge defines many forms of wildlife. Dinner and overnight is in tents.
Day 6: Day tour begins with trekking along the valley in strehëz''Sirota''. Dinner and overnight is in tents.
Day 7: At 7 am breakfast. Trekking tours in Altyn-Arashan - 18 km, 7-8 h.. Altyn-Arashan - "Golden Source", is named in honor of the many hot springs. Sources of water containing radon. Lunch. The gorge is very picturesque. At an altitude of 2600 meters, in a wide valley with a fir forest, the green meadows with fragrant flowers, on the right bank of the river, there is a small resort. Besides the hot springs, attracting Altyn-Arashan are stained lakes, one of which enjoys special popularity - Lake Ala-Kul, and the height and known among tourists as the "umbrella" (for its shape).
Day 8: At 8 am breakfast. Rest day. Local trekking. Dinner and overnight is in tents.
Day 9: Day trekking tour starts with the city of Karakol. Traveling on the east coast of Lake Issyk-Kul, you will inevitably find ourselves in the town of Karakol. Lunch. This is the largest resort city in this part of the lake. And it is interesting for its unique historical monuments. It was located in a favorable climate and an exceptionally scenic area, at an altitude of 1690-1770 meters above sea level. Dinner and overnight is at home for guests.
Day 10: Rest on the coast. Dinner and overnight is at the Hotel.
Day 11: breakfast at 7 am. Transfer to Bishkek (250 km). Housing
Day 12: Today you will be flying home.



 The Kirghiz Republic has created hydropower capacities - basically on the Naryn cascade - as national actives in comparison with their earlier existing perception as only by-product of holiday of water for an irrigation. Efficiency of a power consumption in republic is extremely low, even to the central-Asian measures that is attributed inefficiencies of its moving and shortage of stimulus for conservation of energy in a private sector and the enterprises, and also elementary theft of an electricity. Struggle against these problems would help to bring the contribution to steady management of ground and water resources.

 For stable maintenance of the population with power resources, especially during the cold winter period now our state does a special emphasis on water-power engineering development. End of building of the Nizhnenarynsky cascade of water basins and first of all Kambaratinsky HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATIONS 1 and 2 Is planned. In this case requirements for electric energy of the republic that will allow to work to Toktogulsky hydroknot in an irrigational mode in which the underlaying states - Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan are interested will be completely satisfied. And we hope for their understanding in the given question.

 For a national economy raising it is necessary to pay also attention and to building of average and small HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATIONS to all rivers of Kyrgyzstan.



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Tours and trips Kyrgyzstan

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