Kyrgyzstan: Balbals

10 km to the South of the Tokmok, on the field nearby the Burana tower, are situated stone warriors of the nomadic Turks. These monuments are small statues of the dead warriors who were protecting their tribes and lands from different enemies in ancient times. In one hand they have a bowl with pure water that symbolizes struggle for their Motherland. In anther hand they have a dagger that shows that he died in fighting with enemies like a hero. Ancient people made such statues like gravestones not only for their own warriors, but even sometimes for brave and famous enemies. Balbals are dating from the 6-th century. These grave markers were used by nomadic Turkic people in Kyrgyzstan and in the whole Central Asia. Balbals were spread all over the Chyi Valley. They were found everywhere and people decided to save them for future generation. That's why government decided to gather all statues in one place for protecting them from disappearance. Nowadays there is a big collection of Balbals nearby the Burana tower.  They are like a symbol of bravery, heroism, love and respect to the Motherland.  That is why during your travel in Kyrgyzstan you can also look at them.