Kyrgyzstan: Mysterious Lake

There are 1923 lakes in Kyrgyzstan. All of them are very beautiful and there is also one of them that is completely different from all others - mysterious Merzbacher Lake.

It is situated high in the mountain inside the icy grip of the eternal snow. This lake is six kilometres long and one kilometre wide and has a depth that varies from 40-80 meters. The lake appears every summer just to disappear again in August. This happens once and sometimes twice a year, and then the lake refills again and again. There is not yet a sole scientific proven answer why it happens. Some scientists say that when the depth of water in the lake reaches a certain level, the part of the South Inylchek Glacier damming the lake begins to float. Once this happens, the lake rapidly empties under the glacier, spurting to the surface via crevasses that extend to the glacier bed. Another theory is, that once the lake reaches a certain depth and therefore the water pressure exerted on the South Inylchek Glacier gets high enough to cause gaps between the Glacier and its bed, the lake will drain.