Kyrgyzstan: Rivers

Kyrgyzstan is rich in water, which is stored in our mountains. Mountains take moisture from the sky and keep it in glaciers. There are about 40 000 rivers in Kyrgyzstan. All rivers together have a total length of around 150 000 kilometres, is 30 times more than the Kyrgyz border line or almost 4 times the length of the equator!

Our potential water power could supply England, France, Spain and Germany with electricity!

Also we have about 2000 lakes, with a total area of 6836 sq km. The most famous lakes are Issyk-Kul Lake, Song Kul Lake, Chatir Kul Lake and Merzbacher Lake.

Also we have about 8000 glaciers, which cover some 8100 square kilometres - about 30% of the total land area of the Kyrgyz Republic.