National drink

Kymyz (kumysoterapiya) - use for medicinal purposes koumiss. Meaning kymyz treatment is reduced to the metered use of koumiss individual schedule drawn up in conjunction with climatotherapy on specially equipped resorts. When kumiss should significantly reduce the nutritional value of the basic diet for the prevention of excess supply.
The first resort kumysolechebny (Annaevskoe kumysolechebnoe institution) was established in 1858 by Dr. NV Postnikov near Samara. Postnikov just three words expressed the essence of the miracle of the drink on the human body: «nutrit, roborat, etalterat» - «nourishes, strengthens and updates." Later kumysolechebnitsy were organized in the Volga region, Buryatia, Kyrgyzstan, Republic of Bashkortostan. Kymyz carried out in conventional hospitals in other areas. Organized kumiss carried out only in the former Soviet Union. With the collapse of the Soviet Union ceased to exist, and organized a network of health centers, practitioners kumiss. At the moment, in Bashkiria were operating motels kumysoterapiyu practitioners, such as resort "saffron." Koumiss Contraindicated use in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract in the acute stage, intolerance to lactose intolerance and the individual to the koumiss.

The most traditional custom at the Kirghiz - like all people - is hospitality. Since ancient times, everyone whose path passes through Kirghiz village, did not leave it without sharing with the owners of the table and shelter. Since the Kirghiz for decades led a nomadic life, a kind of bread - "komoch-nan", which is required for the preparation of only two pans - and now enjoys well-deserved attention for its ease of preparation and excellent taste.
Tandoor-nan "baked in a tandoor - a kind of stove for cooking, not only bread but also numerous species samsa (special cakes). The art of tandyrs is usually passed from father to son for centuries. Unique kyrgyzskie bread "boorsok" (fried in boiling oil test pieces) - continued kyrgyzskogo decoration table. Koumiss - the national drink, a specially manufactured from horse milk - not only perfectly quenches thirst, but also has medicinal properties.
Ancient customs dictate every bride to have a dowry consisting of various kinds of blankets, pillows, carpets and the like, a masterful production that have always been famous kyrgyzskie masters. Women of older generations of young people passed their skills in the handling of wool, dyeing it for later use to create colorful designs of folk art. All sorts of crafts, needlework, etc. served not only to decorate clothing, household utensils, carpets, and decorated the homes of the people.