Nomadic Kyrgyzstan

Nomadic Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan is an amazing country of celestial mountains and nomadic people! This country will surprise you by its untouched beauty and hospitality. Kyrgyzstan is a mountainous country. There are many gorges that are different one from another and attract travelers for many years. In our country you can try to live in nomadic collapsible dwellings yurts that are made of felt without using a single nail. Also you can try national drink Kumis - alcoholic mare's milk. This drink has curative qualities and an unusual taste. Kumis sometimes even called like Kyrgyz white vine.

People of Kyrgyzstan were nomads for thousand years and that is why the atmosphere of Kyrgyzstan is different from other counties. The capital of Kyrgyzstan Bishkek city appeared just in 1878 year. Before that time almost all people lived in mountains and even nowadays many of them still do it. During your travel in Kyrgyzstan you can visit some nomads and to find out many interesting facts about them. Our nomads have really extraordinary traditions and customs. There are places in Kyrgyzstan where you can be alone without a single person nearby. It is a great chance to enjoy the beauty of Mother Nature and to relax from busy days and the whole civilization.

Kyrgyzstan is famous for the different kinds of travel activities. You can find here many ways to travel as trekking tours, horse riding tours, cultural tours, alpinism, heliski, bike tours, etc.

Kyrgyzstan is a paradise for travelers who want to find something new and completely different. In Kyrgyzstan you will find both - stunning nature and astonishing culture.


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