Kyrgyzstan: Holidays

From ancient times, Kyrgyz people esteemed their traditions and celebrated feasts, attaching a special significance to each of them. Here, there are one of the most honored holidays in Kyrgyzstan: Nooruz, Kurman-Ait and Orozo-Ait.

Nooruz  is celebrated on the 21 of march. From Persian, it can be translated as the day of New Year, where: noo - new; ruz - day. Usually, it was the day of vernal equinox, when this feast was celebrated. All the ceremonies were conducted long before the New Year holiday by the ancestors. In the last day before the New Year comes and the day after, Kyrgyz people fumigate their dwellings and themselves with the smoke. Doing this, they thought, that Nooruz will bring luck, happiness and well-being to them. All the family members prepared new clothes for the celebration, and mostly preferred colors were: red, white and blue.

Specially for New Years Eve, cooked porridges from wheat, millet and barley. In Kyrgyz, it is named as keje or kocho. With all these dishes, they treated each other and their neighbors. At the same time they wished happiness, health, well-being and good luck. From Nooruz, Kyrgyz started the New Year and expected to be in peace and love.

Kurman-Ait  - one of the most meaningful feasts in a Muslim world, in other words - a sacrificial holiday. It lasts about 3-4-days. In this day, it is necessary to sacrifice animals, such as: sheep and lambs. This ritual is extremely vital for every Muslim in Kyrgyzstan. According to all the rules, people must be generous and hospitable to everyone, for both: poor and hungry.

As this is a ritual holiday, it requires praying. During this day they visit the tombs of ancestors, meet with friends and make presents. Kurman-Ait symbolize power and mercy of supreme creator for all Muslims.

Another famous holiday in Kyrgyzstan is Orozo -Ait.

Orozo-Ait have a duration of 3 days and come to the end after one month of fast, called Ramazan, during which Muslim people are not allowed to eat and drink within a day. It may be done only at night. This is a holiday of spiritual and physical ablution. This holiday is one of the five pillars, which Muslims should strictly follow. 30 days fast must carry out all Muslims, except sick people, warriors and pregnant woman. If there is no other reason for not taken the fast, this person needs to feed one poor man for 30 days and postpone the fast on another time. In these days, believers visit the tombs of their relatives, meet with friends and neighbors, make national boorsoks, light candles and read Koran - a sacred book for all Muslims.


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