Kyrgyzstan: Marriages

People from Kyrgyzstan could marry a representative of another tribe and very rare it was allowed to do inside his own clan. There were several reasons for this. First of all the relationships between the bridegroom's parents and their daughter-in-low were rather mild and it would be a problem to make her be obedient. Another reason was worsening of the relationships inside the clan, if a couple would divorce. And the final and most substantial reason was poor generation. People had already known that mixing of the same blood would give ill children. That is why Kyrgyz had to know their 7 forefather in order not to have marriages among close relatives.

It was aloud to adopt children in Kyrgyzstan. One could adopt a child of any age. The adopting person took all responsibilities for the child, and the duties of the adopted child were the same as step-brothers', though if he knew his native parents and wanted to return to them, he could do that.

If a man died, his wife and children were left in charge of the clan. A widow had to be married on the brother of her husband or another close relative, who became a stepfather to her children. If there was no immediate relative, she married some distant relative; meanwhile the belongings of the dead man were to belong to the same tribe.

If the were no any male relatives she could come back to her tribe. Nevertheless her children were the members of their father's clan. And when they grew up, they had to return to their father's tribe.



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