Kyrgyzstan: Yurts

Kyrgyzstan is famous for its nomads, mountains and their collapsible dwelling yurts.

Kyrgyz people were nomads during the past 3000 years, passing on all their traditions until the present day!!! The mountains are their home, where they travel from one grazing field to another. They only settled down in the 20 century, yet some of them still live in the mountains, following their traditional origin...

Nomads have special collapsible dwellings, known as yurts. They began to use them 2500 years ago. They have a unique structure and are built without a single nail. A yurt has a wooden skeleton that is covered with felt. A good master can produce a yurt within 25 days that will last for 40 years. It takes just an hour to erect or to collapse it. Nomads transfer it from one place to another with the help of three horses.

The nomads divide the interior into two basic parts. The left part belongs to the man, where he stores his weapon, saddles and horse-whips. On the right side, the woman keeps the household goods such as dishes, cups and cutlery as well as her belongings like dresses and jewelry. A wall made of reed separates the cooking area from the living room. There is a special place inside a yurt. In front of the door is tor. Tor is the most honorable place in a yurt. There are a lot of beautiful carpets and blankets. They are put on each other in the special order. People are not allowed to use them. Because it the sign of wealth.

Usually nomads lived in ails. Ail is a Kyrgyz word for villages. One such a village contained 80-100 yurts.

There are some ancient Chinese documents about wars with Kyrgyz Nomads. It is written that when they wanted to attack the Kyrgyz in the morning, they could not do it, because during the night the whole village just silently disappeared ...

Usually Kyrgyz nomads placed their yurts on high places in order to not only more easily look after their herds, but also to enjoy the unbelievable view.

Many of our tours offer you to enter the nomad's lives and spend some nights inside yurts.


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