VIP tour

VIP tour in Kyrgyzstan. 


VIP tour: Kyrgyz traditions

This tour was made for people that want to find out everything about Kyrgyz people and nomadic traditions. They will even participate in them to feel the spirits of that time!


Day 1: Bishkek - Karakol - Djeti Oguz gorge
After your arrival in Kyrgyzstan you will be transferred to the south shore of Issyk Kul Lake - it is biggest mountain lake in Kyrgyzstan! There is an amazing gorge Djeti Oguz that means Seven Bulls. Such name was given to this place because of seven red rocks that look like seven bulls from a far distance. Also you will see the Broken heart Mountain. After that you will sit in a Russian military truck 6WD and then you will be transferred along the mountain gorge to your new home - a yurt camp. You will be met by locals in national clothes and they will make a ritual with burning juniper and wishing good health for you. Today you will have the first night in nomadic yurts, they are made without a single nail and can be erect or collapsed within an hour. 

Day 2: Bride-napping
Fro this day you will feel as if you are a real nomad. In your ail (village) lives a young man Azamat. He is in love with a beautiful Jildiz from another village. She also loves him but her parents are against this marriage. According to Kyrgyz traditions he must pay for her "kalim". But our Azamat is not rich and we must help him... Today Azamat together with you will ride horses to that village in order to still our beautiful lady! It was a common thing in Kyrgyzstan from the far 7 century and now you will participate in it. After coming back is time for another Kyrgyz tradition. You must "dress" her according to all nomadic traditions. Now you will get acquainted with it.

You must be in a hurry in order to have marriage before her parents will find you. It is high time for cooking national meals and for making presents. At this time you will make a felt carpet with local masters. The name of the carpet is Ala Kiiz. It takes 1 hour to produce it. They will explain you the meanings all Kyrgyz patterns and you will have your own design.

In the evening will be a toi, or a celebration in Kyrgyz. On this wedding you will listen to national folklore, people will show you many Kyrgyz musical instruments. You will try Kyrgyz food plov and boorsoks.  

Day 3: Nomad's life
Young couple is happy at last! Today according to nomadic traditions we must erect a separate yurt for them. You will do it together with locals. And during this process you will find out many facts about yurts and rituals that are connected with it. Then Kyrgyz will burn juniper in order to get rid of evil spirits inside the new yurt. And then the young couple will move in.

Now you see Semetei from a far distance. He is our hunter that practices an ancient style - eagle hunting. You will see the process of his hunting when Semetei will make his eagle to catch his prey. Then you can make some photos with the eagle on your hand.

Afterwards we will go to the Oguz Bashi glacier. We will have a break in 4 hours to have a picnic with a view of the glacier. Then we will come back to our ail.

The evening we will spend near open fair and we will listen to national singer manaschi. This kind of singers sings about great hero Manas and his great deeds. It is interesting to know that the size of the poem is about 500 000 lines! And manaschis know it by heart.

Day 4: Birthday
We have good news! A year has passed and Azamat with Jildiz got a child! All village come to their yurt to keep "At koiu" tradition - to choose a name for the just boned child. Then is another ritual "Beshik Toi" when we must prepare a special cradle for the baby.

Today you will have a chance to relax in a calm atmosphere and to enjoy surrounding nature. After lunch time you will meet a caravan of traders. They move along the Great Silk Road. You will spend some time with them to find out about the history of Silk Road. Then they will show you their goods and you will be able to buy something as silk, carpets and other kinds of handicrafts.

Day 5: We are older now
After breakfast you will have horse riding to a mountain waterfall. It is so nice to ride a horse in our pristine places. After coming back you will find out some news. Azamat's child became older and he starts to make his first steps. Now you will participate in the next tradition. We will have a special racing. All people can participate in it and the first one who will be faster that others will cut a rope that tights bay's legs. People think that the power of the winner will help the child in future. The winner will get a good present and we will start next competitions. In the evening each of you will get special presents - national clothes - now you are real nomads! Afterwards you will have a farewell dinner with songs and dancing.  

Day 6: Leaving your ail
After breakfast we well start our way to move to another place - to your homeland. When you are ready to leave the camp local people will make the last ritual "Bata Beryy" - they will bless you and wish you good health and good luck in your future life. And you must remember - nomads are always glad to see you again!

6WD trucks will transfer you to the airport in Karakol and then you will have flight to your motherland via airport in Bishkek city.