Kyrgyz word

Usually nomads lived in ails. Ail is a Kyrgyz word for villages. One such a village contained 80-100 yurts. There are some ancient Chinese documents about wars with Kyrgyz Nomads. It is written that when they wanted to attack the Kyrgyz in the morning, they could not do it, because during the night the whole village just silently disappeared. Usually Kyrgyz nomads placed their yurts on high places in order to not only more easily look after their herds, but also to enjoy the unbelievable view. Many of our tours offer you to enter the nomad's lives and spend some nights inside yurts. People from Kyrgyzstan could marry a representative of another tribe and very rare it was allowed to do inside his own clan. There were several reasons for this. First of all the relationships between the bridegroom's parents and their daughter-in-low were rather mild and it would be a problem to make her be obedient. Another reason was worsening of the relationships inside the clan, if a couple would divorce. And the final and most substantial reason was poor generation. People had already known that mixing of the same blood would give ill children. That is why Kyrgyz had to know their 7 forefather in order not to have marriages among close relatives.