Weekend tour: Konorchek canyons

Konorchek canyons

First of all we want to offer you something unusual! The name of this amazing and stunning place is Konorchek canyons! This is a real particular place for one day trip!!! You will be surprised by its red canyons that have so many fantastic shapes because of thousand years of rains. And you will understand that the best artist in our world is Mother Nature! 

During this tour you will have hiking along the bottom of the canyon and then you will have a picnic near astonishing red rocks. Afterwards we will continue our hiking in order to go on the top of these canyons. As soon as we are there you will see a fantastic view of the red canyon from the top and also there will be a view on "Elovie Castles" - another kind of red 
mountains! After making a lot of photos we will go back - but not the same road! We will have hiking along the top of canyon in order to enjoy its striking beauty!